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Addfield Aquaculture Incinerators

The Aquacultural range of waste incinerators from Addfield delivers highly efficient solutions for safely disposing of all forms of high moisture waste, delivering the perfect solution for fish farms worldwide. Addfield Aquaculture incinerators are unique in their design and construction, purposely built to reliably destroy all of your solid and high-moisture waste.

  • Save Time and Money - The Addfield Difference

    Over the past 35 years, we have developed the most fuel-efficient approach to incineration, while incorporating a thick steel outer body, alongside a multi layered firebrick lined refractory. This means our machines heat up quicker, maintain temperature longer, keep the heat inside where it is needed and require up to 40% less fuel to complete a thorough cremation compared to most other machines on the market.

  • Specific Designs for Specific Types of Waste

    Each type of waste requires a specific type of incinerator. At Addfield we take this very seriously, designing each and every incinerator relative to the type of waste that will be introduced. With this mentality, our incinerators have achieved unrivaled efficiency, making Addfield the leading incinerator manufacturer in the world.

Our Aquaculture Incinerators

Addfield MINI AB AQUA Fish Incinerator
Capacity: 250kg - Burn Rate: < 50-75kg/h


The Mini AB AQUA is part of Addfield’s longest running Marine range, specifically designed to incinerate aquaculture waste in a clean and efficient way.

Addfield MINI AQUA Fish Incinerator
Capacity: 350kg - Burn Rate: < 50-75kg/h


Maintain your biosecurity through securely destroying a complete range of Aquacultural and Fish Farm waste with the MINI AQUA.

Addfield THUNDER500 AQUA Fish Incinerator
Capacity: 500KG - Burn Rate: < 50-75KG/h


The THUNDER500 AQUA with a load capacity up to 500kg is to date one of the most advanced models of incinerators for fish waste disposal.

Addfield THUNDER1000 AQUA Fish Incinerator
Capacity:1000kg - Burn Rate:<50-75kg /h


The THUNDER1000 AQUA, with a load capacity up to 1000kg, is the preferred choice of machine for the aquaculture industry.

Addfield TB-AB AQUA Fish Incinerator
Capacity:2000kg - Burn Rate:<50-75kg /h


The top loading TB-AB AQUA, with a load capacity up to 2000kg, is a large machine ideal for big scale fish farms in the aquaculture industry.