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Addfield Incinerators - International Leaders of Incineration Solutions

Addfield is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of robust, reliable and efficient thermal treatment systems. We design and build the best solutions to safely destroy solid waste through incineration. The Addfield brand has been established for over 35 years operating in its current capacity for the last 10. Our core principals are centered around delivering solutions that are built to last and fit for purpose. Our oldest machine still in operation is reaching its 25th year.

  • Trusted Equipment

    Being the UK’s leading manufacturer of quality equipment for over 30 years proves that the Addfield range of machines are reliable and have the durability to stand the test of time. Our equipment has become the leading equipment to solve all waste solutions. Where most of our competitors machines last 2-5 years, the very first Addfield machine was built over 30 years ago and is still in operation.

  • Clean Burning for Reduced Emissions

    Unlike some of our competitors, all of our machines have secondary combustion chambers that comply with EU legislation for achieving either 850°C with a residence time of two seconds or alternatively 1100°C with a residence time of 0.5 seconds. Working to European standards reduces emissions and ensures a complete clean burn every time.

  • Why do we use Bricks instead of Concrete?

    When speaking of refractory lining, key things to look for are: porosity (the lower the better), thermal shock resistance, stability under temperature load, and ease of maintenance. In all aspects, brick lining proves to be superior over concrete cast, preventing any catastrophic failure from happening from risk factures seen in concrete cast such as anchorage, over vibration, and poor formwork. With our time-served refractory masons on the job, we are the only UK manufacturer that uses brick for their lining systems and have done so for over 30 years... our lining systems have stood the test of time!

Our Product Range

Choose from a wide range of incinerators based on your type of waste:

Animal / Agricultural Waste Incinerator


Addfield delivers highly efficient solutions for safely disposing of all types of agricultural farm waste. Delivering the perfect solution for the farming industry worldwide.

Medical Incinerators for Hospitals, Clinics, and Toxic Waste Treatment Centers


The Medical range of waste incinerators from Addfield delivers highly efficient solutions for safely disposing of all forms of hazardous, pharmaceutical, and medical waste.

Aquacultural Waste Incinerators for Fish Farms


Addfield Aquaculture incinerators are unique in their design and construction. Purpose built to reliably destroy all of your solid and high moisture waste.

Municipal and General Waste Incinerators for Municipalities and Waste Treatment Centers


Addfield produce a number of high capacity, high efficiency incineration systems specially designed for the safe disposal of municipal and general wastes.

Pet Cremators for Pet Crematoriums

Pet Cremation

Addfield cremators are designed to suit all types of pet cremation companies, from single chamber batch loaded to multi chamber continuous process machines.

Incinerator Emissions Monitoring and Filtering Equipment

Filtration and Monitoring

Addfield supplies a wide range of incinerator add-ons, from Venturi Wet Scrubbers for air filtration to Constant Emission Monitoring Systems for accurate monitoring of emissions.